What I did during the Blizzard


Welcome to my blog post snownami. It’s kind of funny, we run around like crazy knowing the snow is going to come, making sure we are prepared.  It is talked about for a couple of days before the snow ever arrives. Then when it comes, all we do is talk about how much is coming down and look at all this snow, like it’s a surprise.

During this time, I tried a couple of products I had barely used before.  This would be Nuvo Glimmer Paste and Bo Bunny Glitter Paste.  I wanted to try them with a stencil to see if one was easier to use.  I also wanted to see the colors side by side.

Stenciling with Glimmer and Glitter Pastes

I used silver and gold from both Nuvo and Bo Bunny.  The copper is from Bo Bunny and the white (see below) is from Nuvo.

Bo Bunny is a little firmer, so it was easier to control in a detailed stencil. It was easier to spread the Nuvo in a thin layer.  Otherwise, I didn’t find much of a difference.  Bo bunny goes on a little “milky” looking, but it dries to it’s true, clear color. Nuvocomes out of the jar looking pretty close to what it looks like when it’s dried. I thought both products worked really well.

There were subtle differences in the colors as well.  The Nuvo gold is light and bright, the Bo Bunny gold is deep and rich.  The silvers were the opposite, Nuvo silver was deeper and richer, Bo Bunny lighter and brighter.  I really like both colors, it just depends on the color you are looking for.  The Nuvo white and the Bo Bunny copper are my favorites of each.  These are also all the colors I own, although there may be more in my future.

Side by Side comparison

The card took forever, between masking the stencil and letting the paste dry before adding the next round.  I washed the stencil so many times that my hands are still dry but a crafter must do what a crafter must do.

I think the finished card is cute, but I need more stenciling practice with these products.  I am mailing the finished card to my sister, who lives 5 miles away, to see if it can survive the mail.


I feel it may break apart, but I still have to try.  It is kind of sad to ruin a project that took most of a day, but I am not in love with this card, I can see the mistakes, so I am not that bothered by it. I did enjoy the play time, that was the most important thing.

This took most of the afternoon.  I am grateful to the blizzard, I got an unscheduled break and got to enjoy some play time!

Thanks for stopping by.  See you soon.



2 thoughts on “What I did during the Blizzard

  1. It may have taken a long time but it looks fantastic !! Love all the gorgeous sparkle colours.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge. Have a great day x

    Liked by 1 person

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