Stamping a Forest

Today I am sharing with you a card I stamped using Fun Forest by Catherine Pooler. I always pictured using this stamp set with bright colors and embossing powder. But I saw a watercolor done by FNK Designs. The colors were bright, but translucent. I was inspired by the watercolor and decided to go for softer colors. More translucent colors.

I used these stamp colors plus Over Coffee for the trees.

To get started, I just started stamping. I sort of had a layout in mind, but not really. I alternated colors, generally overlapping but sometimes standing alone. I stamped the shape of the trees at a slant on some white card stock. Which brand, I do not know.

Once I finished stamping, I started adding the trunks. The side ways oval was not the original intention of the stamp. So I wiped away the top part of the trunk and stamped it. Other wise, I just stamped the set as it was created. I stamped the sentiment using Over Coffee as well, cut it out and adhered it to the card using 3D foam squares.

That is all it took. I love the pattern I was able to create with this stamp set. I even have white space, which is so hard for me.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!


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