AECP Project for Class 1

Hi Everyone,

I am participating in Altenew’s Educator Certification Program.

I am really excited and ready to get to work. It’s something I have wanted to do for several years and finally took the plunge.

I started my first class at Altenew Academy, All About Layering 1 and want to show you my first project.

One of the requirements for the card besides using a layering stamp set was to be clean and simple. This style of card is so difficult for me to do, I am a technique junkie and to edit myself can be difficult.

I used Altenew’s Vintage Roses stamp set (which is on sale right now (06/07/2022). I enjoy coloring so that is what I typically do when I create a card. It was nice to allow the stamps and inks to do the creating.

I used the rose layers in the lower left corner of the stamp set. I also used the leaf branch that is on the bottom in the center. There aren’t any layers that go exactly with the leaves, but you use the layers from the single leaves to create the dimension.

I made 2 card samples, one as a typical A2 and one with an arched top. I used a dome die on the card panel and the card base. I, of course, smeared ink on the A2 as soon as I finished, but I am posting so you can decide which style you prefer. The domed card was my original

Practice card

I enjoyed creating a simple card. It reminded me what I love about this hobby.

Take Care!


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